3D Printing at Duke University

3D printing is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we design products and raising the potential of what is possible. Duke University has become a leader among universities by offering the largest free and open 3D printing lab in the education industry.

Check out these amazing Programs at Duke that integrate 3D printing and AMF technology into the curriculum.



The name Dig@Lab recalls the main goal of this research unit, which is “digging for information”, looking for new interpretations at the intersection of archaeology, cybernetics, heritage, computer...

Drones at Duke University

Drones, or more formally, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are aircraft without human pilots on board. They may be operated by computers or by a pilot who is on the ground, in another aircraft, or...

Innovation Co-Lab Roots

The Innovation Co-Lab is a creativity incubator, focused on exploring how new and emerging technologies can fundamentally reshape the research, academic, and service missions of the university.

Wired! Lab

The Wired! Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture explores ways of thinking about visual and material culture through digital technologies. Wired! is a learning community of faculty,...