3D Printing at Duke University

3D printing is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we design products and raising the potential of what is possible. Duke University has become a leader among universities by offering the largest free and open 3D printing lab in the education industry.

Check out these amazing Programs at Duke that integrate 3D printing and AMF technology into the curriculum.



Wired! Lab


The Wired! Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture explores ways of thinking about visual and material culture through digital technologies. Wired! is a learning community of faculty, staff, and students. We engage visualization methods to prompt new approaches to pedagogy and scholarship in the study and interpretation of the visual arts, architecture, cultural heritage, and built environments. Wired! research teams are transdisciplinary, collaborative, vertically integrated, and long-term. As part of our intellectual process, we explore how critical engagement with digital tools can transform our capacity to interrogate and contextualize objects, buildings, data, and archival materials; to create narratives about works of art and architecture; to explore process and change over time and space; to redefine teaching and learning practices; to disseminate scholarship; and to engage the public in new ways.

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