3D Printing at Duke University

3D printing is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we design products and raising the potential of what is possible. Duke University has become a leader among universities by offering the largest free and open 3D printing lab in the education industry.

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Drones at Duke University


Duke in the snow from overheadDrones, or more formally, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are aircraft without human pilots on board. They may be operated by computers or by a pilot who is on the ground, in another aircraft, or other location. They often carry equipment such as cameras, scanners, or other devices.

Duke is excited to support students, faculty, and staff in the use and exploration of this growing technology, and is dedicated to doing so in safe and legal ways. From hobbyist use, to campus photography, to aeronautical engineering, this site will provide a summary of drone activity at Duke as well as directions to guidelines, policies, and training.

Visit drones.duke.edu

Photography courtesy of Estlin Haiss