ShopBot Spoil Board

Project Summary

A spoil board for CNC systems.  

Project Details

T-Slot Planks

The system uses T-slot accessible boards.  These boards can be created easily and cheaply from remnants of 3/4" plywood scraps Innovation Studio users often leave as waste.  Any piece with a 2.5" x 24" area left will work.  These files will cut .73" inches deep.  Provided are SBP files used to cut these pieces out along with the t-slot mounting holes.  To cut the part, mount the remnant to the cutting surface, open the ShopBot control software and run the file.  Two files are provided.  One cuts clockwise from the bottom left to the top following around to the bottom.  The other cuts from the bottom left around the bottom to the top.  Chose the method that works best for your remnant.  

Warning: These files use NO TABS, use the cutting file that is appropriate for the side of the wood you're working from. 

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