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Duke Architecture - Law Building

Law Building model

Epilog Fusion enhancements

This is a collection of parts I have made to improve the Epilog Fusion laser cutter with the  4inch lens.


The goal of this project is to learn how to use the new BioX bioprinter and create a guide for others to use based on what I have learned.

Duke Architecture - Hart Residence

Dr. Hart's Residence model

Duke Architecture - Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor Stadium model

Oxygen Tubing Padding

This is a behind-the ear padding innovation for nasal cannula. This page will provide 3D models and drawings of the part.

Tabletop Cornhole

This is a 3D model of a tabletop cornhole set, meant to be used with coins.

3D printed garments

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Mouse Sensitivity Container

The Mouse Sensitivity Container (AKA the "Chamber of Pain") is a project aimed at adapting a lab rat sensitivity chamber to work with mice, who are smaller and squishier.

Laser Fiber Input Holder

This laser fiber adapter allows for incorporation of a laser fiber into an optical pathway. It is designed for 1/4 inch laser fibers. 

Duke Architecture - Bevan Building

Bevan Building model

ShopBot Spoil Board

A spoil board for CNC systems.  

Organizer Drawer - Reusing a Filament Spool

This is a drawer system that uses the spools from Makeshaper. You can probably use other models of spools.

BioPrinter Door Offset

Created a spacer to enable the Bio X bioprinter to utilize its full range of motion. 

VIVE Tracker Head Mount

Head mount for HTC VIVE Tracker and Vofini 3D glasses.

makeSEA WindpowerWriter Wind Turbine

This is a demonstration project provided courtesy of makeSEA.  It is a fully-functional power generating wind turbine with an embedded 3D printed generator.  It includes

L7-4 Transducer Adapter

This adapter allows for the coupling of laser fibers with the transducer, particularly useful for photoacoustic imaging. 

Attached are 3 different models for different intersection angles

Duke Architecture - OIT Telecommunications Building

OIT Telecommunications Building model