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Design. Transform. Evolve.

makeSEA WindpowerWriter Wind Turbine

This is a demonstration project provided courtesy of makeSEA.  It is a fully-functional power generating wind turbine with an embedded 3D printed generator.  It includes

PCB Milling and Printing

This document will give an outline to PCB milling for two-sided, copper PCB plates and to printing PCBs from blanks. The Voltera is used for printing blanks and drilling for both processes. The Carvey



This is a 3D scan of a drone

Whiteboard Marker Caddy

Whiteboard caddy, for holding markers, eraser, spray bottle, and other items.

Water Jet Shredder

A functional, plastic shredder class project.  This system uses a laminate design with most of the fabrication done using a prototype-class waterjet cutter.  The project is useful

Water Jet Cutter Splash Guard Mold

This is a mold for making replacement silicone splash guard.

Vascular Phantom

This vascular phantom 3-D model consists of a type of shelving which allows for fast complex vascular phantom creation. 

VIVE Tracker Strap Mount

Mounting plate for HTC VIVE tracker. For use with 1.25 nylon strap or velcro.

VIVE Tracker Head Mount

Head mount for HTC VIVE Tracker and Vofini 3D glasses.

Ultimaker Spare Parts

This is a collection of parts for Ultimaker printers (UM2+ to UM3). There are some O/I blockers here as well.


  • BowdenTube Clips
  • UM3 Hotend Cartridge Plastic

Ultimaker Security

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Textural Maps

This will be a short description of how to make and organize large-scale architectural textural maps for the blind.


Tabletop Cornhole

This is a 3D model of a tabletop cornhole set, meant to be used with coins.

Stereotaxic Experiment Platform

The stereotaxic platform can be used in conjunction with small animal experiments, but it is extremely versatile and can have other unrelated uses. For example, one can mount a PCB while soldering,

Stadium WiFi Antenna Riser

This is a riser designed to hold a Wifi antenna at a specific angle.