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Design. Transform. Evolve.

Goldbond Bottle

This is a 3D model of the popular body powder Goldbond.

Duke Architecture - Krzyzewski Center

Krzyzewski Center model

Duke Architecture - Washington Duke Inn

Washington Duke Inn model

Duke Architecture - Bevan Building

Bevan Building model

Backpack Hook

Summary:  A tool to hook a few extra things onto your backpack. 

FeReT Door

This project contains the mechanical frameworks for a Facial Recognition Door Device based on the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi camera.

Duke Architecture - Bivins Building

Bivins Building model

Lemur Enclosure Gate

Redesign and fabrication of removable divider/connector parts for small lemurs' enclosures. 

Medicine Tube

This is a 3D model of a tube of medicine.

Duke Architecture - Pascal Field House

Pascal Field House model

Organizer Drawer - Reusing a Filament Spool

This is a drawer system that uses the spools from Makeshaper. You can probably use other models of spools.

Duke Architecture - Wannamaker Residence

Wannamaker Residence model

Ellerbe Creek Trash Trap

Our team created a trash trap to collect and remove trash from Ellerbe Creek, a nearby water source that flows into Falls Lake. The purpose is to remove the litter, provide data for research,

Pediatric Cardiology Laptop Stand

This project will provide an ultrasound mounted laptop stand for the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic at the Duke Hospital. 

Tabletop Cornhole

This is a 3D model of a tabletop cornhole set, meant to be used with coins.


Duke Architecture - Law Building

Law Building model

Credit Card and DukeCard Reader Counter Mount

Mount for contactless DukeCard scanner that attaches to the backside of the VeriFone credit card readers at Duke Stores and Duke Dining locations.

Circular Transducer Holder

This circular transducer holder positions a circular transducer several inches below a pivot point. It is meant to be sturdy and not oscillate.