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Design. Transform. Evolve.

Water Jet Cutter Splash Guard Mold

This is a mold for making replacement silicone splash guard.


This is a 3D scan of an inhaler used for asthma and for other medical uses. This is done without the cartridge, future scan will be done with cartridge inside. 

Duke Architecture - Child Care Facility

Child Care Facility model

Duke Architecture - Card Gynasium

Card Gynasium model

Duke Architecture - Fitzpatrick Center

Fitzpatrick Center model

DIY dorm-room Shelf

This $20 shelf is composed of 4 copper pipes which

Textural Maps

This will be a short description of how to make and organize large-scale architectural textural maps for the blind.

Capillary Bioreactor - Hardware

This project involves creation of electronics to control a capillary bioreactor. The final product will be used to reduce VOC concentration in the air. 

Robot Hand

This is a 3D scan of a hand of a robot. The robot is a doctor's assistant that can grab and give the doctor objects. The scan will be used by graduate Engineering students for programming motion planning

VIVE Tracker Strap Mount

Mounting plate for HTC VIVE tracker. For use with 1.25 nylon strap or velcro.

ShopBot Desktop Dustshroud

This is a replacement dust shroud for a CNC machine. It is pre-fitted for a Shopbot Desktop.

Ellerbe Creek Trash Trap

Our team created a trash trap to collect and remove trash from Ellerbe Creek, a nearby water source that flows into Falls Lake. The purpose is to remove the litter, provide data for research,

FlexBeam Assignment

The FlexBeam Assignment is a project completed as part of the EGR121 class.  Here you will find detailed drawings and model mockups of the part.  

Credit Card and DukeCard Reader Counter Mount

Mount for contactless DukeCard scanner that attaches to the backside of the VeriFone credit card readers at Duke Stores and Duke Dining locations.

Duke Architecture - Physics Building and Nearby

Physics Building, French Science Center, and Biological Sciences Building mode

Stereotaxic Experiment Platform

The stereotaxic platform can be used in conjunction with small animal experiments, but it is extremely versatile and can have other unrelated uses. For example, one can mount a PCB while soldering,

Duke Architecture - The Ark

The Ark model

RadOnc - Needle-Tracking Phantom

This is the final needle-tracking phantom used for interstitial/intracavitary gynecological HDR brachytherapy treatments. This phantom can be utilized for various imaging modalitie