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Duke Architecture - Physics Building and Nearby

Physics Building, French Science Center, and Biological Sciences Building mode

Duke Architecture - Bryan Student Center

Bryan Student Center model

Lemur Pulleys Redesign 2

Improved the strength and durability of existing plastic pulleys for the Lemur Center. 

Mouse Sensitivity Container

The Mouse Sensitivity Container (AKA the "Chamber of Pain") is a project aimed at adapting a lab rat sensitivity chamber to work with mice, who are smaller and squishier.

Duke Architecture - Smith Warehouse

Smith Warehouse model

Macbook Stand

This is a Macbook stand. It holds the laptop off of the table and at a good viewing angle.

Soil Temperature Probe

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Textural Maps

This will be a short description of how to make and organize large-scale architectural textural maps for the blind.

Duke Architecture - Yoh Football Complex

Yoh Football Complex model

Duke Architecture - Devils Den

Devil's Den model

Root-Dividing Plant Holder

This 3-D root divider is useful for plant experimentation where roots are divided into two separate containers and given different sustenance.

J750 Template

This is a template to see the main range of hardness values for the J750. It includes Shore 40, 50, 60, 70, 85, 95, Rigid Body, and PP Like. The base is printed in black and the words in white. To print

Duke Architecture - OIT Telecommunications Building

OIT Telecommunications Building model


This is a 3D scan of a Brooks Ghost men's running shoe. Included in the images is a picture of the actual shoe. 

Duke Architecture - Card Gynasium

Card Gynasium model

FlexBeam Assignment

The FlexBeam Assignment is a project completed as part of the EGR121 class.  Here you will find detailed drawings and model mockups of the part.  

Orthopedic Implant

This is a 3D scan of an orthopedic implant used for total ankle replacement. The model is very similar to the bottom piece of what is in the x-ray pictured. 

Goldbond Bottle

This is a 3D model of the popular body powder Goldbond.

Duke Architecture - Krzyzewski Center

Krzyzewski Center model