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Soil Temperature Probe

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Root-Dividing Plant Holder

This 3-D root divider is useful for plant experimentation where roots are divided into two separate containers and given different sustenance.

Prostate Guillotine

This project aims to create a device that will aid in the slicing of removed prostates for pathological study. 

Orthopedic Implant

This is a 3D scan of an orthopedic implant used for total ankle replacement. The model is very similar to the bottom piece of what is in the x-ray pictured. 

Measuring Moment of Inertia

Goal: Building a device that can measure the moment of inertia of an object. This device can be used easily regardless the size, the inertia and the weight of the object. 

Circular Transducer Holder

This circular transducer holder positions a circular transducer several inches below a pivot point. It is meant to be sturdy and not oscillate. 

Optical Coherence Tomography Claw

This claw prototype is of miniature scale and has potential use for optical coherence tomography imaging for sample collection. 

Duke Architecture - Bishops House

Bishop's House model

Duke Architecture - Fuqua School of Business

Fuqua School of Business model

Lemur Pulleys Redesign 2

Improved the strength and durability of existing plastic pulleys for the Lemur Center. 

Stadium WiFi Antenna Riser

This is a riser designed to hold a Wifi antenna at a specific angle.

Pediatric Anesthesia Medical Device Holder

A custom syringe, vial, and bougee holder for use in Duke University Hospitals. 

Duke Architecture - Art Building

Art Building model

Duke Architecture - Lemur Center

Lemur Center model

15 Series 8020 Endcap

This is a simple endcap for 8020 aluminum extrusion 15-series. Use this to protect against the sharp edges.

Experimental Vial (3-piece)

This 3-piece vial is used for biology experimentation, particularly those involved with use of a transwell for cell cultures. 

Manikin Arm for IV Injection Training

This is a manikin arm for nursing students at Duke’s Center for Nursing Discovery to practice IV injection. There are two injection sites, one on the forearm and another on the back of the hand. The

Duke Architecture - Washington Duke Inn

Washington Duke Inn model

Microscope Mosquito Mount

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