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Duke Architecture - Social Sciences Building

Social Sciences Building model

Duke Architecture - Trent Drive Hall

Trent Drive Hall model

Raspberry Pi 3 BPlus Lower Case

This is the lower portion of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ case that I have machined out of aluminum. The bottom chip of the Raspberry Pi is connected to the case directly via thermal compound. It should be noted

Prostate Guillotine

This project aims to create a device that will aid in the slicing of removed prostates for pathological study. 

Robot Hand

This is a 3D scan of a hand of a robot. The robot is a doctor's assistant that can grab and give the doctor objects. The scan will be used by graduate Engineering students for programming motion planning

Carolina Gameday Signs

I laser-cut these signs for the Carolina game. You can too!

Duke Architecture - Taishoff Aquatic Pavillion

Taishoff Aquatic Pavillion model

Duke Architecture - Civitan Building

Civitan Building model

Duke Architecture - Lenox Baker Hospital

Lenox Baker Hospital model

Stereotaxic Experiment Platform

The stereotaxic platform can be used in conjunction with small animal experiments, but it is extremely versatile and can have other unrelated uses. For example, one can mount a PCB while soldering,

ShopBot Desktop Dustshroud

This is a replacement dust shroud for a CNC machine. It is pre-fitted for a Shopbot Desktop.

Lemur Center Door Pulley

Improved door pulley for Duke Lemur Center cages. 

Duke Architecture - Nasher Art Museum

Nasher Art Museum model

Capillary Bioreactor - Hardware

This project involves creation of electronics to control a capillary bioreactor. The final product will be used to reduce VOC concentration in the air. 

L7-4 Transducer Adapter

This adapter allows for the coupling of laser fibers with the transducer, particularly useful for photoacoustic imaging. 

Attached are 3 different models for different intersection angles

Duke Architecture - Jarvis Hall

Jarvis Hall model

Duke Architecture - Physics Building and Nearby

Physics Building, French Science Center, and Biological Sciences Building mode

Duke Architecture - Bryan Student Center

Bryan Student Center model