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Design. Transform. Evolve.

Pig Bladder Support Structure

This project will provide a support structure to help urology researchers experiment with the delivery of chemotherapy through the bladder in a controlled lab setting. 

Duke Architecture - OIT Telecommunications Building

OIT Telecommunications Building model

Goldbond Bottle

This is a 3D model of the popular body powder Goldbond.



This is a 3D scan of a drone

Ultimaker Security

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Water Jet Shredder

A functional, plastic shredder class project.  This system uses a laminate design with most of the fabrication done using a prototype-class waterjet cutter.  The project is useful

Duke Architecture - Yoh Football Complex

Yoh Football Complex model

Duke Architecture - Sanford Institute of Public Policy

Sanford Institute of Public Policy model


Tabletop Cornhole

This is a 3D model of a tabletop cornhole set, meant to be used with coins.

Textural Maps

This will be a short description of how to make and organize large-scale architectural textural maps for the blind.

Duke Architecture - Devils Den

Devil's Den model

Duke Architecture - Wannamaker Residence

Wannamaker Residence model

Duke Architecture - Lemur Center

Lemur Center model

Epilog Fusion enhancements

This is a collection of parts I have made to improve the Epilog Fusion laser cutter with the  4inch lens.

Duke Architecture - Physics Building and Nearby

Physics Building, French Science Center, and Biological Sciences Building mode

Backpack Hook

Summary:  A tool to hook a few extra things onto your backpack. 

Duke Architecture - Civitan Building

Civitan Building model

Duke Architecture - Hudson Hall and Teer Engineering Library

Hudson Hall and Teer Engineering Library models

VIVE Tracker Head Mount

Head mount for HTC VIVE Tracker and Vofini 3D glasses.

Ultimaker Spare Parts

This is a collection of parts for Ultimaker printers (UM2+ to UM3). There are some O/I blockers here as well.


  • BowdenTube Clips
  • UM3 Hotend Cartridge Plastic