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This is a 3D scan of a Brooks Ghost men's running shoe. Included in the images is a picture of the actual shoe. 

3D printed garments

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Duke Architecture - Parking Garage IV

Parking Garage 4 model

Duke Architecture - Quads

Crowell, Craven, Few, Kilgo, and Keohane Quads models

Capillary Bioreactor V2

This product will be used to reduce VOC concentration in limited air-supply environments.

DIY dorm-room Shelf

This $20 shelf is composed of 4 copper pipes which

Experimental Vial (3-piece)

This 3-piece vial is used for biology experimentation, particularly those involved with use of a transwell for cell cultures. 

Lemur Center Door Pulley

Improved door pulley for Duke Lemur Center cages. 

FeReT Door

This project contains the mechanical frameworks for a Facial Recognition Door Device based on the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi camera.

Duke Architecture - Carr Building

Carr Building model

Duke Architecture - Duke Clinics

Duke Clinics model (contains Cancer Center, E.A. Morris Building, E.A. Stead Building, E.W. Busse Building, Reception Building, Diagnostic & Treatment Building, Original Hospital South, Baker House,

Duke Architecture - Sanford Institute of Public Policy

Sanford Institute of Public Policy model


Duke Architecture - Physics Building and Nearby

Physics Building, French Science Center, and Biological Sciences Building mode

Lemur Enclosure Gate

Redesign and fabrication of removable divider/connector parts for small lemurs' enclosures. 

Duke Architecture - Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center model

Whiteboard Marker Caddy

Whiteboard caddy, for holding markers, eraser, spray bottle, and other items.

Secure Cable Holder

This clap securely closes over a cable with the addition of 1-2 #4 safety screws and nuts, to be used as a secure lock for dongles. Wires up to 1.25 mm in diameter can be threaded through the holes before