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Duke Architecture - Perkins Library and Divinity Buildings

Perkins Library, Language Center, Gray Divinity Building, Westbrook Divinity

Duke Architecture - Social Sciences Building

Social Sciences Building model

Pig Bladder Support Structure

This project will provide a support structure to help urology researchers experiment with the delivery of chemotherapy through the bladder in a controlled lab setting. 

Orthopedic Implant

This is a 3D scan of an orthopedic implant used for total ankle replacement. The model is very similar to the bottom piece of what is in the x-ray pictured. 

Duke Architecture - Wannamaker Residence

Wannamaker Residence model

Duke Architecture - Sheffield Tennis Center

Sheffield Tennis Center model

Duke Architecture - Duke Clinics

Duke Clinics model (contains Cancer Center, E.A. Morris Building, E.A. Stead Building, E.W. Busse Building, Reception Building, Diagnostic & Treatment Building, Original Hospital South, Baker House,

Duke Architecture - Smith Warehouse

Smith Warehouse model

Duke Architecture - Richard White Lecture Hall

Richard White Lecture Hall model

Duke Architecture - Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor Stadium model

Dog Tag Jig

A jig for aligning common dog tags with laser cutters for exact positioning of text.  

Duke Architecture - Trent Drive Hall

Trent Drive Hall model

Duke Architecture - Coombs Baseball Stadium

Coombs Baseball Stadium model

Duke Architecture - Devils Den

Devil's Den model

Duke Architecture - Ambler Tennis Stadium

Ambler Tennis Stadium model

Organizer Drawer - Reusing a Filament Spool

This is a drawer system that uses the spools from Makeshaper. You can probably use other models of spools.

VIVE Tracker Head Mount

Head mount for HTC VIVE Tracker and Vofini 3D glasses.

Duke Architecture - Keohane 4E

Keohane 4E model

Duke Architecture - Sanford Institute of Public Policy

Sanford Institute of Public Policy model


Capillary Bioreactor V2

This product will be used to reduce VOC concentration in limited air-supply environments.