Epilog Fusion enhancements

Project Summary

This is a collection of parts I have made to improve the Epilog Fusion laser cutter with the  4inch lens.

Project Details

The z-stop could just be printed with default PLA settings at .1mm layer hight. The z-stop replaces the OEM metal tab that stops the bed from running into the laser head.

The z-stop is meant to be bent at the thinner portion. After bending the z-stop should also be cut to the desired length.





The air assist needs to be printed in flexible plastic on a SLA printer or a printer with dissolvable supports. If you use a SLA printer: Z-offset = -0.3 and position the .stl to create as large a base as possible.

The air assist works best with a 2.38mm diameter 44.20mm long section of aluminum tube inserted into the larger end of the air assist.




The laser focus is meant to be cut out of something rigid.

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