Secure Cable Holder

Project Summary

This clap securely closes over a cable with the addition of 1-2 #4 safety screws and nuts, to be used as a secure lock for dongles. Wires up to 1.25 mm in diameter can be threaded through the holes before closure. This design's hard outer shell makes it very difficult to reopen after closure and a more flexible inner insert increases friction to keep the cable grasp from sliding along the cable.

Project Details

Provided are holders for 4.25, 5.50, and 10.50 mm diameter cables (7.5 mm is an antiquated versiont) . To 3D print, download the zip file and send these through Bluesmith; the two .stls named InsertL and InsertR are made to be printed in a more flexible material, and the hinge can be printed in either a semi-flexible material or in the same rigid material as the outer shells.

To edit parameters, download the .f3d files to open in Fusion360. Press the letter "S" and type in "Parameters" to access a table of editable parameters. The Insert_inner_dia parameter determines what size cable it can fit around. The Duke D inset can be removed by expanding the Sketch tree on the side, clicking on the sketch named duke_D, and seeing what icon is then highlighted in the timeline along the bottom of the screen. Right-click on this feature and suppress it to remove the Duke D from both halves on the holder.

Sketches exist in the Fusion file that, if properly extruded as cuts, can carve out some of the solid material, but this can add extensive labor costs during the cleaning of the part.

Recommended tools and cable components:

3/32" cable crimp sleves:

Small diameter swaging tool:

100' black coated 3/64" wire rope:

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