Duke Architecture - Physics Building and Nearby

Project Summary

Physics Building, French Science Center, and Biological Sciences Building models

Project Details

Physics Building:


Built in 1948 and added onto in 1963, the Physics Building is next door to the French Family Science Center and Biological Sciences Center. The Physics Building houses the Physics and Mathematics departments.


French Science Center:


The $115 million, 280,000-square-foot building, completed in 2006, features state-of-the-art research and teaching laboratories for genomics, chemistry, biological chemistry, materials science, nanoscience, physical biology and bioinformatics. FFSC brings together several Arts & Science disciplines under one roof, providing space for the departments of chemistry and biology, biological anthropology and anatomy, mathematics and physics.


The French Family Science Center’s ecological features include two green roofs, use of certified wood, recycled and regional materials and a landscape plan that included soil conservation and relocation of existing trees and plants. The green roofs stretch over the lecture hall and biology labs. Comprised of vegetation, soil, gravel and water-tight insulation, they reduce water runoff and keep the building cool. The building also includes other energy saving features – all windows have exterior reflectors that direct sunlight into the space.


French Family Science Center earned LEED™ Silver Certification for its green roof, water efficiency features including low-flow sinks, and energy efficient technologies such as low-flow fume hoods. 


Biological Sciences Building:


Located next to the French Family Science Center, Biological Sciences houses systematics, population genetics and evolution, animal physiology and functional morphology, as well as the Department of Biology.  



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