Duke Architecture - Flowers Building and West Campus Union

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Flowers Building and West Campus Union models

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Flowers Building:


Originally an administration building, it was renovated for student use in 1954 and renamed for Robert Lee Flowers, who served the university for six decades, including from 1941 to 1948 as president. The building contains offices for student affairs, the student newspaper (The Chronicle) and the yearbook (Chanticleer).


West Campus Union:


Completed in 1931, the West Campus Union is situated across from Perkins Library in the quad fronting Duke Chapel. It was designed as the social center of West Campus.  


In 2013, an ambitious renovation began to accommodate a growing student body and create a modern and exciting campus experience. The nearly $90 million project has space for 13 new eateries – nearly all of which are operated by Durham-based restaurateurs and chefs – several new meeting rooms and a teaching kitchen that will feature guest chefs, cooking classes and pop-up restaurants. 

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