Pig Bladder Support Structure

Project Summary

This project will provide a support structure to help urology researchers experiment with the delivery of chemotherapy through the bladder in a controlled lab setting. 

Project Details

Urology researchers at the Duke Medical Center want to study the delivery of gemcitabine, a chemotherapy, through the bladder under varied temperatures in order to improve how it is currently administered to bladder cancer patients. Pig bladders and their geometries are quite similar to human bladders, and are useful for early stage research. This 3D printed mesh structure was designed to support the bladder in the shape it would be in within a pig while allowing maximum bladder surface area in contact with a solution of gemcitabine.

This support structure will be printed on metal printer at Duke's Bluesmith service with 17-4 stainless steel. It is mounted to the lid of an acrylic box, which will hold a solution of gemcitabine. This material will be strong and long-lasting, even when exposed to caustic gemcitabine solutions for extended periods of time, and is still affor. The support can be easily and frequently opened by removing the nut on the support rod opposite the hinge, freeing the bottom to move on the hinge. The opening of the pig bladder and equipment to change pressure and record conditions within the bladder will pass through the 3 cm ring in the top of the support structure.

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