Backpack Hook

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Summary:  A tool to hook a few extra things onto your backpack. 

Project Details

This project contains Magic Leap compatible content viewable with the Helio browser.

I need to hook stuff onto my backpack all the time so I made a handy little hook.  The shape of it makes it fairly difficult for items such as water bottles to fall off accidentally.  Works well with the waterjet cutter.  Attached is a DXF for universal use and modification.

An STL is also included for 3D printing.  While only a simple extrusion this is a good design for stress testing 3D printing materials.  It's also a good classroom showcase piece for appropriate methodology selection such as the strength of a Markforged Fiber printer versus traditional PLA print.  


  • v.1.1 removes sharp edges from the corners
  • v 1.2 removes improper geometry from one of the sharp edge removal processes. 


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