Fly Microscopy

Project Summary

This project is all about high fidelity imaging of fly larvae under dynamic gas concentrations.

Project Details

This project is all about high fidelity imaging of fly larvae under dynamic gas concentrations. A device has been designed that passes any gas through a very thin slot between two glass slides. The design has five main parts two of which are the previously mentioned glass elements: the cover-slip and the slide. The other three parts hold the slides and conduct passage of the gases, these are the Holder, the Base, and the Enclosure.

The Holder is the central feature of this design. This is a MultiJet printed part with small internal passages and fitting adapters. This part also provides structure for the small glass pieces and support for peripheral optodes. The cover-slip is glued to the holder with silicone sealant on the outside of cover-slip recess in the middle of the holder. The holder also has eight additional holes and bores for attaching the Base and aligning the Enclosure.

The Enclosure is a thin piece of 38-gauge foil that is milled with the ShopBot to shape. It separates the two glass slides by a very small distance. With the Enclosure's internal cutout is holds the fly larvae in the path of the gas ports.

The Base is nothing more than a square aluminum ring that sandwiches the entire construction rigidly together.

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