J750 Template

Project Summary

This is a template to see the main range of hardness values for the J750. It includes Shore 40, 50, 60, 70, 85, 95, Rigid Body, and PP Like. The base is printed in black and the words in white. To print this, import as assembly all the STL files to GrabCAD Print and assign the correct material combinations based on what the words say in front of each block.


Note: The J750 can do other shore values such as 30 and 35 but they are not included here but they require more than just Agilus plus a Vero to make. This template provides the standard hardness values.

Project Details

Included in the assets are the .f3d file, the .print file for GrabCAD, and all the STL files. There is also a .zip that includes all the files and an image of the CAD model of the version 2 template.
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