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Design. Transform. Evolve.

Lemur Center Door Pulley

Improved door pulley for Duke Lemur Center cages. 

Duke Architecture - Bivins Building

Bivins Building model

Duke Architecture - Duke Clinics

Duke Clinics model (contains Cancer Center, E.A. Morris Building, E.A. Stead Building, E.W. Busse Building, Reception Building, Diagnostic & Treatment Building, Original Hospital South, Baker House,

Duke Architecture - Brooks Football Building

Brooks Football Building model

Duke Architecture - School of Nursing

School of Nursing model

Secure Cable Holder

This clap securely closes over a cable with the addition of 1-2 #4 safety screws and nuts, to be used as a secure lock for dongles. Wires up to 1.25 mm in diameter can be threaded through the holes before

Water Jet Shredder

A functional, plastic shredder class project.  This system uses a laminate design with most of the fabrication done using a prototype-class waterjet cutter.  The project is useful

Duke Architecture - Coombs Baseball Stadium

Coombs Baseball Stadium model

Duke Architecture - Yoh Football Complex

Yoh Football Complex model

Duke Architecture - Rubenstein Hall

Rubenstein Hall model

Duke Architecture - Krzyzewski Center

Krzyzewski Center model

Duke Architecture - Lenox Baker Hospital

Lenox Baker Hospital model

Duke Architecture - Law Building

Law Building model

Epilog Fusion enhancements

This is a collection of parts I have made to improve the Epilog Fusion laser cutter with the  4inch lens.


The goal of this project is to learn how to use the new BioX bioprinter and create a guide for others to use based on what I have learned.

Duke Architecture - Hart Residence

Dr. Hart's Residence model

Duke Architecture - Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor Stadium model

Oxygen Tubing Padding

This is a behind-the ear padding innovation for nasal cannula. This page will provide 3D models and drawings of the part.

Tabletop Cornhole

This is a 3D model of a tabletop cornhole set, meant to be used with coins.

3D printed garments

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